• Speaking Engagements


    I am passionate in educating, inspiring and leading conversations around sexual wellness.

    My key messages are “live a life of purpose” and “things will only change when you change your view”.

    My presentations are highly engaging, active and motivational, and really get people wanting to jump out of their seats and take on their purpose!

    I have had the pleasure of presenting at various seminars and workshops around the country on intimacy and relationships, and I am always open to the next new and exciting speaking opportunity.

    Whether you need someone to present on intimacy, purpose, infidelity recovery or how to find your sexual voice, I’m your girl to get the conversation going.

    I adore presenting advice driven information in order to help individuals, as well as to other therapists, understand the power of sexual purpose. From master classes, to workshops to seminars, some of my favorite topics to speak on are:

    • Sexual wellness
    • Infidelity recovery
    • Sexual empowerment
    • Relationship wellness

    Why have me as your guest speaker?

    When I come to speak to your audience, no matter the topic, the underlying aim to always allow the audience to take something home with them that they can practically implement and transform their lives with.

    I work towards discussing the “why” of every situation and what steps can be taken to then achieve further objectives and ambitions. When this occurs, the energy, mood and mindset of the audience changes. They start to feel empowered and want to take control over their lives.

    The feedback I have received in the past is that this sort of motivation is priceless.

    For more information, bookings or a discussion, get in contact with me today.