• Sex Therapy Story made Simple


    Sex therapy, the mention of the subject causes anxiety and discomfort. The topic of Sex is so much broader then intercourse. On becoming a Sex therapist I have received my fair share of stares and judgement. I have been called a freak and even challenged on my motives. I spend a great part of my day battling closed mind or scared people on the subject of sex.

    Becoming a Sex therapist gave me the knowledge and platform to turn my pain into passion to assist woman and individuals who would like to gain their Sexual voice back, couples who have lost that spark or experienced infidelity, or individuals just needing to explore their sexuality.

    I created Kaleidoscope Services to assist people with a place to get a different view on some of their challenges they may face and live life on Purpose. In session I have witness breakthroughs between tears, humor and laughter. Together we normalize behaviors and draw on strengths. My goal and the goal of many Sex therapist is to take the stigma out of Sex and let you define in on your own terms.

    I found my sexual voice later in my adult life. Going through my youth with a lot of questions, sexualized, unhealthy relationships and peer pressure formed my intimate map. I had no one to turn to or ask questions where I didn’t feel judged.

    At Kaleidoscope I help individuals from 21 to 91 in a nonjudgmental, inclusive and welcoming environment to be the resource I wish I had to form a better sense of self and healthy sexuality.

    Sex therapy can help give a voice to those who may lost it or need to find it. Education and exploration, goal setting and collaboration can give you the foundation you need.

    Sex therapy works well with individual therapy, 12 step programs, and couples therapy and with your medical doctor.

    Sex therapy can Excite, Enhance, and Educate you. Now the next time you hear Sex therapjust-dont-let-sex-be-done-to-youy or it is suggested don’t get emotional get educated and enjoy the Journey to your true self.

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